Manning Responds to Chinese Editor Mocking President Trump and First Lady

Fairfax, Va. – Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, issued the following statement in response to the editor of a Chinese state-run media outlet mocking President Trump and first lady Melania Trump following their positive coronavirus tests:

“The Communist Chinese government affirmatively decided to export the Chinese virus to the world through their lying about the transmission of the virus and continuing international flights from Wuhan while ending domestic flights from the region where the virus originated. They have proven that they are among the most despicable leaders on the face of the Earth and enemy number one for the United States in the world. As if forced organ harvesting, child- and slave-labor, millions in concentration camps, and a social credit score system which denies work and travel to those who don’t toe the communist line is not enough, now they are attacking President Trump as he and his family deal with the effects of the disease they unleashed. It adds insult to injury.

“It is not surprising that the Communist government with its strong ties to both Joe Biden (through his son) and Kamala Harris (through her husband) is involving itself into U.S. electoral politics. What is mildly surprising is that American media has so readily ignored these dangerous connections.  Their current see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil stance when it comes to real penetration into the highest levels of our political system is unacceptable and complicit.

“Make no mistake America, China has a side in this election and right now Americans will get to pick their side.  And to the Chinese,  get out of our politics.”