On 9/11, stand for America now or lose it

Sept. 11, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement reflecting on the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 by al Qaeda that claimed 2,977 lives:

“19 years ago, America promised to never forget, yet today, the New York City Police Department finds itself being at least partially defunded while the city is under siege by anarchists. The Minneapolis Police Department has been completely defunded. And communist rioters continue to occupy the streets of many other Democrat Party-run cities, burning and looting in an internal rebellion that in some ways comes close to the shock and horror of 9/11 and is tearing this country apart.

“America is the greatest country in world history, and just as we refused to be intimidated by al Qaeda, today we need to stand up and have the same resolve against the Antifa rebellion. But if we fail to stand united against lawlessness and political violence, the idea of America may fall. We are a nation conceived in liberty, where all are created equal with certain unalienable rights. On this day, I encourage every American to read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which in 272 words encapsulates the sacrifice, the vision and the reason that was needed to preserve the Union. Keeping America great is not just a slogan, it’s what each of us must commit ourselves to, lest we lose not only our freedom but the shining city on the hill that every human longs to emulate.”

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