Trump keeps promise to end NAFTA

July 1, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising President Donald Trump and his administration for successful launch of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal and the end of NAFTA:

“Today President Trump kept a promise that many before him failed at, he ended NAFTA and replaced it with a trade deal which will help rebuild the American economy.  American manufacturing will grow as U.S. auto jobs will dramatically expand due to the changed rules that President Trump negotiated and other changes in Mexico will encourage overall manufacturing investment in the United States meaning more high paying jobs.  Most importantly two of the unsung costs of NAFTA were the lack of intellectual property protections for U.S. inventors, USMCA corrects this issue, and in the past, Mexico was one of the biggest currency manipulators always making U.S.-made goods more expensive and Mexican made goods less so — USMCA ends this trade cheat.

“Combined Canada and Mexico are our nation’s largest trading partners. Today marks a new day in these relationships and it was only through President Trump’s leadership that it was achieved. Our nation’s economy will recover from the Chinese-originated virus and the President’s visionary new USMCA trade agreement will play a big role in that long-term, sustained growth.”


“USMCA begins new Trump-led era of America first on trade in July,” By Robert Romano, July 1, 2020 at

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