Draining the swamp hurts Bushies’ feelings

July 1, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to reports that hundreds of former George W. Bush officials are planning to endorse Joe Biden for President this year:

“As a former political appointee of President George W. Bush, I strongly urge Americans to vote for Donald Trump’s re-election.  President Trump has cut taxes and significantly lowered the regulatory burden on our nation’s economic engine which created the greatest jobs economy since jobs data was recorded.  And President Trump has been unafraid to reposition America in the world. Our NATO allies are now paying more of their fair share for the defense of their own countries, we have dumped the disastrous NAFTA deal for a much more America friendly U.S-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, we have new trade deals with South Korea and Japan, the U.S. Embassy to Israel has moved to Jerusalem, and most importantly, President Trump has resisted the call by the foreign policy elites for more endless wars.

“President Trump has appointed and had confirmed 200 federal judges remaking the formerly liberal judiciary in under one term.  Between 2021 and 2025, there could be two or three additional Supreme Court appointees, and a Trump presidency ensures that some sanity may be restored to our nation’s highest court.  A Biden presidency would mean higher taxes, the New Green Deal and more liberal judges and justices.

“The globalist vision of America has completely and utterly failed Americans.  Donald Trump has changed course away from our nation serving as the donor state for the socialist dreams of Europe and the communist Chinese government’s aggressive expansionist policies. The China policy is the most glaring example of this failure. The futile hope that by enriching China, they would embrace capitalism has collapsed, as China has used the wealth gained from their trade advantage, the intellectual property that they stole from our companies, universities and government, and the labor that they enslaved to build a military designed to defeat us in battle combined with their engaging in grotesque human rights abuses of Muslim Uyghers and their burgeoning Christian population has turned this hope to a nightmare.

“Donald Trump has changed this course, and those who have benefitted most from the failed American trade policy of the two Bush presidencies, Clinton and Obama, or are too dumb to recognize its failure would rather have the radicals on the streets take the levers of power in our nation and lead the way to China’s hegemony in the world than to see President Trump serve four more years.

“Personally, I feel sorry for those so engorged in hate and fear of the common sense changes that President Trump has brought forward that they cannot see that America is the world’s best hope for freedom and that beacon shines most brightly when our people are prospering. Prior to the unleashing of the Chinese-originated virus, Americans were working and making more money with very low inflation.  The wage growth was concentrated on those who made the least, and truly lifted all boats.  Record low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians showed that the Trump economy knew no colors.  An economic expansion was made possible due to sensible trade policy and tried and true Republican principles of lower taxes and less government intrusion into our lives.  Yet, some former of my former colleagues in the Bush administration are now rejecting these very principles in their endorsement of an empty suit Biden who has promised to strangle America energy independence with his Green New Deal, impose nationalized health care, raise taxes on 83 percent of Americans by repealing the Trump tax cuts, and roll back our historic friendship with Israel.

“I understand that President Trump’s rough demeanor seems so coarse to the erudite Ivy crowd, but the world is a coarse place and America is better and stronger when we are free rather than knuckling under to two-bit thugs whether they be foreign or domestic. I stand with President Trump and invite the thousands of former George W. Bush political appointees to publicly join me.”

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