Systemic racism rejected in Meese-led letter to Congress

June 15, 2020, Washington, D.C.—Former Attorney General Ed Meese led more than 100 signers in a letter to President Donald Trump and Congress titled “Mainstream Americans Know…Before We Can Have Healing, We Must Have Law and Order.”

The letter, which was also signed by many black leaders, begins by asserting: “America is founded on the rule of law. Without law, there can be no justice, and there can be no peace or prosperity. The rule of law exists not to control the people, but to empower them; not to impose the will of the State on the people, but to guarantee to all law-abiding citizens an orderly and peaceful framework in which they can exercise their rights. Every day, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers across the country selflessly place their own lives at risk to uphold the rule of law, better their communities, and protect the most vulnerable. Their brave sacrifice builds safer and more secure communities, and they deserve our respect.

“No profession is perfect, and people in every profession will always be flawed…

“In this time of turmoil, it is particularly important that voices are raised who stand against the planned anarchy on the streets of our nation. Anarchy which is doing lasting harm to the very communities that they portend to support.”

The following signatories of the letter are available for interviews:

Sheriff David Clarke: – 202 969-8555

Col. Allen West: Contact Luke Twombly at or 650-575-5375

Rick Manning, Americans for Limited Government: 703-383-0880

Steve Deace: or 515-771-8664

Tim Daughtry, author: or 336-707-8833

Tabitha Walter, Eagle Forum: or 202-341-5737

The letter clearly rejects the notion of systemic racism stating, “We all agree that we can continue to better our police departments, along with every area of our government, but we reject the radical notion that law enforcement, or this great nation, is inherently and systemically racist or beyond repair. We reject the radical notion that defunding police departments will increase public safety. But we support the notion of individual responsibility and freedom. We support those who insist that individuals who betray the public trust be held accountable.”

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