Truth and justice served as case against Michael Flynn dismissed

May 7, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising the Justice Department’s decision to dismiss all charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn:

“The Obama Department of Justice and the FBI holdovers illegally targeted Trump National Security Advisor, Lt. General Mike Flynn, in a successful attempt to remove him from that critical position, and today, finally, justice has been partially served through the dropping of charges against Flynn.

“It is criminal that politically motivated federal intelligence and law enforcement officials abused their authority so completely, with utter disregard for the truth or justice itself.  In America, Lady Justice is supposed to be blind-folded, but in Flynn’s case not only was her blind-fold off, but her sword was held against the Generals throat.  Those responsible for directing and operating this attack on the basic premises of liberty should not only be fired, but the Department of Justice should pursue criminal charges against them.  Doctoring of forms, failure to adhere to laws ensuring the accused basic protections and years of stonewalling with the goal of running the defendant out of money cannot be tolerated.

“What’s more the revelations that the FISA Court system failed completely in providing the protections against spying on Gen. Flynn and others well after the FBI knew they were innocent renews the need to make lying to that Court a criminal offense punishable by no less than 10 years in federal prison. Every person in the FBI and DOJ who signed off on, altered the records of, or failed to object to, the set up and false prosecution of Mike Flynn should face the threat of prosecution with the loss of their jobs, pensions and law licenses at the very least.  Those on the Mueller investigation team who KNEW that Flynn was innocent from the outset should also face the same kind of scrutiny and punishment for continuing this on-going lie.

“As for Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, she has distinguished herself as a fearless, tough fighter for true justice against overwhelming odds.  If not for her tenacity in defense of justice, Flynn’s complete exoneration would never have occurred and those who sought to undermine the truth of the plot to take down Flynn would never have been exposed.  Ms. Powell is a shining beacon of what an attorney should be in her pursuit for truth and justice, and America owes her a gigantic thank you for fighting unbowed against a recalcitrant, dirty Justice Department team determined to keep their malfeasance under wraps.

“It is my sincere hope that President Trump will bring General Flynn’s expertise in foreign matters back into the White House so that our nation can once again benefit from his unique skills and abilities.  Those in the intelligence cabal who ran a three year long operation to take down President Trump from today forward should understand that they will not prevail, and hopefully, they will face the consequences of putting our great nation through a dark attempt to overturn the presidency of the duly elected President of the United States.  However, the ultimate withdrawal of the charges against General Flynn do not bring the scales of justice back into balance, but instead allow for that balance to be restored when those responsible for this egregious prosecution are held to account.”

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