Trump right to move to block federal pension system investments into China

May 1, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising President Donald Trump for moving to block federal pension system investment in China:

“News that President Trump will be doing everything in his power to prevent U.S. federal employee pension funds from being invested in Chinese companies, many of which are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, is a big step in the right direction in reassessing our nation’s relationship with the Chinese regime.

“Many on Wall Street have been pushing hard for the integration of the U.S. and Chinese financial investment systems, but the simple fact is that Chinese Communist Party owned and controlled countries are neither transparent nor safe investments.  Under the law, pension investing requires a higher level of security to ensure that investments are suitable for retirement funds, and China controls their markets and companies within them.  This potential for state sanctioned manipulation makes investments in Chinese markets too risky for any pension fund.

“What’s more, the Chinese government’s choice to hide and lie about the human to human transmission of the coronavirus from the world directly led to the uncontrollable spread of the virus resulting in the death of more than quarter million worldwide demonstrates that they cannot be trusted with either public or private pension funds.

“Americans for Limited Government has just sponsored a petition  assuring President Trump that the American people will have his back as he moves forward with actions requiring accountability from China.  Specific actions recommended in the petition are: pushing an investigation into the facts behind the development, release and actions of the Chinese government that failed to contain the Coronavirus; ending U.S. dependency on China for pharmaceutical and medical devices and stopping China’s corrupting influence at U.S. universities.

“President Trump is wisely moving to protect federal employees pensions from being invested in fiduciarily unsound foreign investments, now he needs to take the next steps to make our medical supply lines secure and end Chinese academic influence.  The Chinese Communist Party has made it clear that they do not view America as a partner, but rather as an adversary.  President Trump needs to hear from Americans that they support his standing up to the Chinese Communists. Please let him know by signing the petition.”

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