Trump stands up for American workers and utility customers

April 10, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement urging the Tennessee Valley Authority to be privatized once and for all:

“Last year, Jeff Lyash left his job in Canada to take over as president of the Tennessee Valley Authority. In his first year, he was paid over $8 million making him the highest-paid federal employee in the entire country. Utility customers pay for his compensation package. Prior to Lyash’s arrival, the TVA decided to close two coal-fired power plants — over President Trump’s objection. Unfortunately, the TVA’s decision-making does not seem to have improved during Lyash’s tenure: the TVA is currently trying to outsource hundreds of IT and engineering jobs to India. Now Trump is advocating for slashing the TVA president’s lavish salary, and there is bipartisan support for doing just that but there is a more comprehensive solution to this problem.

“The TVA is a Depression era agency designed to provide electricity to the Appalachians.  The Appalachians are electrified, mission accomplished.  Now it is time to privatize this agency and let shareholders determine compensation decisions.  One thing that seems particularly out of whack is for a utility based in the heart of coal country to play politically correct games by shutting down coal fired plants. Local decision making and private local control will end politically correct Green New Deal decision-making and ensure that the TVA mission continues on through private decision making.”

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