America needs to move on from impeachment

Jan. 2, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement blasting the House for attempting to delay the Senate trial of President Donald Trump:

“It has been two weeks since the Democrats in the House of Representatives chose to vote for impeachment of President Donald Trump.  Subsequently, they have spent their time threatening to not present their ‘case’ to the Senate because of disputes with the Executive Branch over whether Congress can compel testimony of high ranking officials.  While they and Senator Chuck Schumer have been complaining it is important to note what they haven’t done – actually file suit in federal court challenging the White House assertions of executive privilege. In fact, prior to the impeachment vote, the House chose not to pursue legal avenues when former National Security Advisor John Bolton asked the federal court to decide whether he should comply with the executive branch’s privilege claim or a House subpoena. The simple fact is that the current whining about not being able to call the President’s Chief of Staff or his former National Security Advisor are nothing but a smokescreen designed to create agreement that the President will not be allowed to call witnesses like the former Vice President, his son, Rep. Adam Schiff and the leaker who started the Ukraine farce.

“The President needs to be able to present his case to the Senate. If the House wanted to be taken seriously about their need for other witnesses, they should have gone to court and fought that out prior to voting for impeachment.  Clearly, they think they have a case to be made, the Senate needs to force them to make it, so the country can move on from this charade.”

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