Trump economy continues to roll forward with 6.3 million new jobs created since Jan. 2017

Nov. 1, 2019, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to the latest jobs numbers:

“With steady growth and historically low unemployment, the Trump economy is shaping up just fine as the presidential election season is upon us. More than 6.3 million jobs have been created since President Trump took office in Jan. 2017. At this point in the Obama presidency, not a single job had been created yet as economy and labor markets were still reeling from the Great Recession. Labor participation is steadily rising for working age adults, which means more Americans are able to provide for their families free of government assistance. This is quite simply one of the best labor markets ever, and is a testament to President Trump’s tax cuts, deregulatory polices and pursuit of better trade deals for American workers. While Democrats are wasting valuable time pursuing their doomed to fail impeachment of President Trump, the economy is growing, Americans are working and wages are rising. What more can you ask?

“In addition, August and September revisions to the establishment survey significantly alter the media narrative over the past two months, as job gains have now averaged 176,000 a month the past three months, due to the 95,000 new jobs that have been reported. These changes bring the establishment survey into closer alignment with what people have been telling the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the household survey over the past three months about their employment situation.”

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