Three ‘domestic political errands’ Speaker Pelosi could be pursuing

Nov. 21, 2019, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to former National Security Council official Fiona Hill’s characterization of Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s activity as a “domestic political errand”:

“Fiona Hill’s description of Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s activity as a ‘domestic political errand’ should remind everyone that it is time for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to begin doing a few domestic political errands of her own. She can start by passing USMCA as negotiated. She can then follow up by cutting the monstrously large federal spending bill by 10 percent in order to keep the budget deficit under $1 trillion. If she really gets ambitious, she could pass the MERIT Act, which would allow the federal government to fire lazy, incompetent or recalcitrant employees. It’s time for Pelosi and the House Democrats to start tending to the domestic political errands that the voters elected them to do.”

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