Taylor doesn’t know what Trump wanted from Ukraine

Nov. 13, 2019, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to former U.S. acting ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor’s testimony that “I don’t know what President or candidate Trump was thinking about the Ukrainians”:

“Former Ambassador Bill Taylor was the Democrats’ star witness, and here is the only thing he said which is instructive in terms of his knowledge about President Trump and the government of Ukraine, stating, ‘I don’t know what President or candidate Trump was thinking about the Ukrainians.’ With that Bill Taylor should just sit down and be quiet, since he and every other interested person in the entire world knows exactly what  President Trump said to Ukraine President Zelensky during their phone call on July 25.

“Any other congressional leadership in history would shut down their impeachment dreams if their star witness admitted that they had no knowledge on the subject they were called to testify.  But for House Intelligence (an oxymoron if I ever wrote one) Chairman Adam Schiff, Taylor’s testimony is about strike seven in his almost three year quest to impeach the President. The people of Glendale, California should be hiding in embarrassment for subjecting the rest of America to Mr. Schiff, whose main voter appeal may be a basic desire to send him 3,000 away from home to get him out of town.”

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