Schiff’s impeachment rules are through the looking glass

Nov. 12, 2019, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to the new rules for the impeachment inquiry released by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) including “As explained in my November 9, 2019, response to the Ranking Member, it is important to underscore that the House’s impeachment inquiry, and the Committee, will not serve as venues for any Member to further the same sham investigations into the Bidens or into debunked conspiracies about 2016 U.S. election interference that President Trump pressed Ukraine to undertake for his personal political benefit. Nor will the Committee facilitate any efforts by President Trump or his allies to threaten, intimidate, or retaliate against the whistleblower who courageously and lawfully raised concerns about the President’s conduct…”:

“House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam ‘Torquemada’ Schiff laid down the rules for his impeachment witch hunt with a demand which Lewis Carroll may have delighted in writing.

“For those with the capacity to read critically, what Schiff is saying is that any attempt to actually examine what President Trump was actually talking about to Ukraine President Zelensky in July will not be allowed.  What’s more, any attempt to get to the bottom of the very Russiagate fraud, falsely accusing the President and his campaign of being Russian agents, which was perpetrated on the American public by Schiff and various intelligence agencies will not be allowed. In short, no defense will be allowed.

“One simple question for Schiff and Speaker Pelosi, if you aren’t going to actually allow an examination of what the President actually said to Zelensky, are you instead going to use Schiff’s fantasy conversation as the basis of your inquiry?  It is impossible to believe that any effort to contextualize the President’s comments would be dismissed or deemed out of order.

“However, we might have a better understanding of how former Special Counsel Robert Mueller could run a two year investigation based upon a ‘salacious and unverified’ dossier which everyone knew was false from even before Mueller was appointed.  It is outrageous that anyone would consider the Schiff hearings as having a shred of legitimacy given the strictures he has created in the Committee.”

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