President Trump celebrates judicial confirmations milestone

Nov. 6, 2019, Fairfax, Va.–Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising President Donald Trump and the Republican Senate for confirming 158 federal judges since Jan. 2017:

“President Trump’s commitment to restoring the rule of law and constitutional originalists to the federal bench is having a profound and lasting impact on America. While the nation typically focuses on Supreme Court nominees, and these are obviously very important, appeals court and district court federal judges play a fundamental role in ensuring that the judiciary does not become an overriding legislative branch. President Trump in his White House remarks decried the current practice by politically weaponized liberal jurists to put their own political beliefs ahead of the law. As Antonin Scalia once said, if judges want to make law, they should run for Congress.

“The President took particular care to praise the work of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairmen Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley in leading the fight to confirm a record number of jurists. The judiciary is the one branch of government that supersedes elected terms of office, designed to ensure a continuity of a constitutional rule of law that withstands political manipulation. One of President Trump’s legacies when he leaves office in January of 2025 will be his transformation of the judicial branch away from those who would make up the law as they go along and in favor of those who seek fair, balanced and equal justice under the law.”


“President Trump reaches 157 judges appointed, thanks to GOP Senate,” By Richard McCarty, Oct. 28, 2019 at

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