ALG urges Transportation Secretary Chao to look into D.C. speed trap on 295

Nov. 21, 2019, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Chao informing her that the Washington, D.C. government is using a speed camera along 295 to shake down motorists in an alleged work zone. He requested that Chao take action to end this abuse of drivers.

Manning wrote, “Earlier this year, the D.C. government arbitrarily lowered the speed limit from 50 mph — which was already low — to 40 mph along a six-mile stretch of 295.  Although there is no sign of construction — no workers, no construction equipment, and no cones — the D.C. government asserts that the area is a construction zone. The D.C. government intends to keep this absurdly low speed limit in place until December of 2021. Conveniently, there is a speed camera located along this stretch of highway that enforces the speed limit 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Those who miss the speed limit sign are subject to tickets costing as much as $800. Since its installation, that single camera has generated over $30 million in revenue.”

The letter continues, “Many have complained about the speed limit on this highway and about the speed camera, but the Democrat-run D.C. government refuses to listen. The greedy local politicians clearly do not care about the hardship their highway robbery scheme is inflicting on the families of unsuspecting motorists. Of course, with Do-Nothing Democrats controlling the House, we know that they will continue to do nothing to solve this problem.”

Manning concluded his letter by stating, “For these reasons, we ask you, as the senior federal transportation official, to do whatever you can under law to put a stop to this unconscionable abuse of power in the federal district.”

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