Of course President Trump sought Ukraine information outside of State Department channels — only a fool wouldn’t have

Oct. 30, 2019, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to State Department employees complaining that President Donald Trump used informal intermediaries including Rudy Giuliani to gather and relay information in Ukraine in the conduct of his foreign policy:

“Let’s be clear. The President of the United States leads U.S. foreign policy under Article II, and any policy carried out in contravention of his stated policies is illegitimate and rogue. The fact that State Department career officials have forgotten this basic fact reaffirms once again the reach and power of the deep state foreign policy apparatus. The President has a right and responsibility to receive and relay information from whichever sources he chooses in the conduct of foreign affairs. Only a fool wouldn’t have. This is particularly true when many of the established foreign service advisors in the arena may have been compromised by alleged illegal actions taken in the prior administration. The House of Representatives should be smart enough to recognize that in any administration there will and should be different ideas and diverse policy alternatives discussed internally. However, the President makes the decision at the end of the day of what to do.

“As much as Speaker Pelosi and her henchmen would like to pretend otherwise, America elects one President every four years, and right now that’s Donald Trump. Their clear fear of President Trump’s probable reelection is driving the Pelosi House to increasingly desperate and constitutionally dangerous measures that the American people must overwhelmingly reject.”

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