Ninth Circuit grants partial stay of injunction in Qualcomm FTC case, puts America first

Aug. 23, 2019, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for granting a partial stay of an injunction in the Qualcomm-Federal Trade Commission case:

“Sanity has been restored by the Ninth Circuit through their granting of a partial stay of an injunction by a local northern California federal judge who sought to dismantle a patent licensing model that is the basis of intellectual property protection.  The short-term ramifications are that San Diego-based Qualcomm will be able to depend upon jointly negotiated revenue streams from companies that utilize their chips and technology, as they develop the Internet of the future through their 5G chip.  It would have been disastrous for our nation if the ramifications of a local Obama judge’s ruling had been left intact before Qualcomm was able to exercise their appeal rights.  On a day when rhetoric between the Chinese and U.S. government’s have ratcheted up, it is clear for anyone to see that our nation and indeed the world cannot find itself at the mercy of an Internet that runs on manipulatable software and hardware provided by Chinese Red Army proxies like Huawei.

“Thank goodness that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals put both our national and the world’s interests ahead of a local federal judge’s desire to destroy the intellectual property licensing system which provides the private research capital to develop future technologies.”

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