DOJ defends national security against Chinese takeover in Qualcomm case

July 17, 2019, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising the U.S. Department of Justice for siding with Qualcomm in its intellectual property case against the Federal Trade Commission:

“Americans for Limited Government has been clear that the Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit against Qualcomm is both wrong and dangerous. The lawsuit, which is a legacy of the Obama administration, harms a private company’s business model by denying them lawfully negotiated licensing fees for their products and threatens national security. The federal court decision by Judge Judy Koh sided with Chinese IT giant Huawei even though Huawei has a direct financial interest in destroying their only competitor in the 5G chip space.

“The U.S. Department of Justice wisely and boldly has urged the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stay the ruling by Judge Koh citing national security concerns. This highly unusual but important intervention by the Justice Department against a federal agency was prompted by concerns voiced by both the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy about the disastrous impact of Koh’s ruling.

“As the Justice Department argues in its amicus brief, Judge Koh’s ruling is ‘undermining U.S. leadership in 5G technology and standard-setting, which is vital to military readiness and other critical national interests.’ To protect national security, the Ninth Circuit needs to stay and then overturn Koh’s erroneous and dangerous decision. This case is just one example where a single Obama appointed judge seeks to impose their worldview over national interests and it is up to the Ninth Circuit or if necessary the Supreme Court of the United States to reinstate sanity into our legal system.”

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