ALG urges Americans fed up with CNN to cancel AT&T, joins President Trump

June 4, 2019, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement joining President Donald Trump in urging Americans fed up with CNN to cancel their AT&T service:

“President Trump made waves when he called for people to cut the cord on AT&T phone service in response to the fake news outlet – CNN – which is controlled by what used to be the phone company.  Americans for Limited Government has been on record for more than a year in opposition to the consolidation of information delivery companies that the AT&T/TimeWarner merger represented.  Now, that the ill-conceived merger has occurred, AT&T owns the CNN problem and their phone service provider competitors don’t.

“The media celebrates when Hollywood companies threaten states with boycotts over their state laws, it is time for Americans to send a message to CNN’s corporate masters that the constant drivel of fake news is not acceptable. And the one way that AT&T will understand that CNN’s continued operation as a far-left shill is unacceptable is if Lily gets hung up on by AT&T mobile customers, and those with AT&T serviced landlines completely cut the cord or switch.

“AT&T insisted on keeping CNN as part of their merger with Time-Warner, and now they have to take responsibility for the rogue and dying network.  After all, with ownership comes responsibility and AT&T knew exactly the liability they were acquiring.”

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