Time for Sessions to appoint a second special counsel

Aug. 22, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a second special counsel:

“In the past, Americans for Limited Government has opposed the idea of a separate special counsel to investigate probable illegal actions within the Department of Justice, CIA, FBI and State Department related to the effort to elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency of the United States and after the election to oust President Donald Trump.

“Today, it is clear that internal Justice Department investigations are insufficient, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should immediately appoint a special counsel to rifle through the lives and careers of every key associate of the Clinton and Obama families to determine if they have ever engaged in illegal activity.  Former Clinton attorney Lanny Davis and other Clinton fixers should also be subjected to full investigation including the collection of all communications with the Clintons over the years to determine how often payouts had been made to quell potentially embarrassing stories from reaching the media.

“If America is ever going to get beyond the one-sided and unending Mueller investigations, then it is important that there be equal justice under the law by at the very least putting those who originated, paid for, leaked and used the fabricated Christopher Steele dossier to focused, intensive legal scrutiny.

“In the past, I have advocated patience with the Department of Justice as they pursue this matter through regular legal channels. They are out of time.  America needs to know that there is equal justice under the law, and there is no reason to have any confidence that the Justice Department has the capacity or willingness to investigate itself and other agencies implicated through this scandal. It is time for a special counsel to focus on the Clinton and Obama side of the ledger where we know criminal activity occurred, in order to restore America’s faith that our justice system does not just go one way.”

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