Helsinki summit hot takes proven wrong, Middle East appears safer due to Trump

July 19, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to the statement by the Russian ambassador to Iran, Levan Dzhagaryan, that, “Sometimes conflicts do arise, and we are naturally concerned about the possibility of military confrontation between the Iranian and Israeli forces in Syria. We do everything possible to prevent it. To prevent the escalation of the conflict”:

“Iran’s designs to put troops on the Israeli border in Syria is the number one flashpoint in this very volatile region, and the President’s determination to not let other matters submarine the opportunity to engage with Russia to make sure it doesn’t happen, in the process actively deescalating tensions, vindicates the entire Helsinki summit.  The Russian ambassador to Iran’s statement that Russia will do everything possible to prevent military confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria is a real indication that the Trump-Putin agreement to the security of Israel’s borders was very real. The Helsinki summit is already paying off.

“This is merely the first step but it is a positive step in the right direction to deescalating tensions in the region, which is in everyone’s interests. Israel had already requested Russia help keep Iran off of Israel’s borders, and with Trump’s support, now it looks like a real possibility. The President should keep the dialogue going and continue work to avert a wider war.

“Thanks to President Trump’s diplomacy, working with our Israeli allies, and approaching Russia, he is succeeding in deescalating tensions and preventing a regional war in the Middle East. All thanks to his urgent consultations with Putin at the Helsinki summit, where his critics would have had the President simply cancel for no real reason. The President is showing real leadership. He doesn’t have the luxury for Monday morning quarterbacking, he’s got to make the call. Here, he made the right call.”

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