FCC looks to revise outdated children’s television programming rules

June 21, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising the Federal Communications Commission for looking into revising outdated children’s television programming rules:

“The Federal Communications Commission’s goals to modernize children’s television programming rules wisely recognizes that the existing rules reflect the analog era where a few broadcast channels captured the majority of viewing and viewing options were extremely limited.

“In today’s digital world, a vast majority of Americans have hundreds of viewing options, with children’s programming available on full-time children’s cable channels, on-demand from multichannel video producers, and streamed over the Internet.

“The existing rules no longer make sense in the new world of media options and disproportionately impact over the air, local broadcasters.  The willingness of the FCC to examine whether their KidVid regulations developed over the past twenty years meets the existing entertainment/education environment and how to upgrade them to reflect the modern broadcast realities.  Americans for Limited Government looks forward to participating in this discussion as hopefully the FCC will lighten the costly paperwork filing requirements and no longer necessary hard programming dictates that no longer serve the interests of children or their parents.

“FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly is doing the public a great service by taking on this task to ensure that the law on children’s programming is followed and the regulations reflect the modern programming realities.”

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