Trump tax cuts, deregulation, front and center in February jobs boom

March 9, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement reacting to the February jobs report:

“In the first jobs report since the Trump tax cuts have taken full effect, 785,000 more people reported having jobs, showing that the business tax savings are being invested in expansion and job creation, something the President’s critics said was impossible.

“The additional good news is that a large number of these jobs are being created in resource industries, manufacturing and building, activities which are fundamental to robust economic growth. The wealth creation effect of resource-oriented, manufacturing and building jobs, brought on not only by tax cuts by the Trump regulatory reform agenda, gives real hope that our nation’s Gross Domestic Product will finally break through the 3 percent annual threshold that Obama apologists claimed was no longer attainable.

“On top of the macro effects brought on by the Trump economy, the February jobs report further confirms that the job growth is positively impacting all communities, with black unemployment continuing to decrease rapidly while Hispanic unemployment remains low, demonstrating that when the economic pie expands, everyone gets a piece. The Trump economic boom can be summed up by a sign outside an electrical business in North Beach, Maryland, which states, ‘Thanks, President Trump, for the crumbs!'”

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