A Trump veto of the omnibus will save the Republican Congress from itself

March 23, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement outlining the consequences of not vetoing the omnibus spending bill:

“The President’s decision of whether or not to veto the omnibus spending bill will set the tone for his administration for the remainder of his tenure in office. It is irrefutable that this Congress will not fund the wall that President Trump promised the American people unless he vetoes this bill. It is also clear that Democratic leaders have been busily taking victory laps over the corpses of their fallen, former rivals in the GOP Congress. A Trump veto will save the Republican Congress from themselves and reset the debate. If nothing else, expecting members of Congress to evaluate a 2000-plus page bill in 48 hours that covers every aspect of funding the government is a breach of faith with the American people.

“Now that the President has put the veto squarely in play, the consequences of backing away are enormous. The veto threat proves that the omnibus spending bill failed to meet the President’s key priorities, and now he must follow through or else he will have effectively surrendered the high ground he just staked out, ending any hope of getting a real wall built and any part of his immigration policy being enacted.”

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