Study: ‘Regulatory entrapment’ of ‘Make in India’ campaign

Jan. 23, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government Foundation today published a paper by Alex Holcomb, Assistant Professor of Finance at the College of Business Administration, University of Texas at El Paso criticizing the “Make in India” program as “India [is] imposing price controls, demanding technological transfers, and instituting other manifestations of non-tariff barriers once investments are undertaken. The campaign therefore often amounts to little more than regulatory entrapment.”

In a statement, Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning blasted the program, saying, “Davos is the coming out party for the government of India as a leading world trade partner. And while the U.S. should welcome India’s step forward, we must recognize the obstacles the government there has to overcome to end the cycle of regulatory entrapment, intellectual property theft and other tariff and non-tariff trade barriers. India, the sixth largest economy in the world, is ready to exit the General System of Preferences, designed for developing countries, and truly participate in the global economy.”

Manning urged President Donald Trump to use his trip to Davos, Switzerland to get a better deal: “With President Trump headed to Davos, Switzerland, this would be a great opportunity to initiate talks with India to pursue a bilateral, reciprocal trade relationship that protects U.S. investments in India, while growing both economies.”


“Foreign Direct Investment and Regulatory Uncertainty: Failures of the ‘Make in India’ Campaign,” By Alex Holcomb, Assistant Professor of Finance, College of Business Administration, University of Texas at El Paso, Jan. 18, 2018 at

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