House Members Urge End of Obamacare Individual Mandate in Tax Bill

Dec. 11, 2017, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement calling attention to a letter by 72 House Republicans to the conference committee appointed to the tax cut bill urging the elimination of the individual mandate:

“72 House Republicans signed a letter to the Chairmen of the Tax Cut Conference Committee, urging that the final bill they produce end the Obamacare requirement that individuals be compelled to purchase health insurance under the threat of a tax penalty for failure to do so.  Just under 7 million Americans chose to pay the almost $500 annual cost of not having health insurance under the individual mandate, while the CBO estimates that 13 million Americans would end their purchase of health insurance if the threat of a $500 tax were not in place.  It is time to let each of us decide if we want to purchase health insurance apart from government coercion.  Americans for Limited Government joins these 72 House members in urging that the tax bill at the very least end the individual mandate.”


Republican Study Committee Letter to the tax cut legislation conference committee, Dec. 7, 2017 at

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