Why hasn’t Christopher Steele’s testimony been subpoenaed?

Oct. 5, 2017, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement asking why Congressional intelligence committees have not subpoenaed the testimony of Christopher Steele who authored the original Trump-Russia collusion dossier:

“Christopher Steele is ground zero for the Russia collusion lie. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr admitted yesterday that his committee after nine months of investigating the contentions of Steele’s dossier has unbelievably been unable to interview Steele. Steele’s dossier and the FBI’s involvement with him is chilling considering that it has been used as a pretext for an attempt to end the presidency of Donald Trump. What’s more, Steele’s discredited allegations, subject of multiple libel suits, has made the world a significantly more dangerous place, as it has threatened to submarine almost five decades of detente between the world’s foremost nuclear powers. One would think that if Burr is going to continue his investigation, it might revolve around Christopher Steele and who paid him to produce a political hit piece that became the rationale for Special Counsel Mueller and his ongoing witch hunt. Now Burr’s attention should be shifting to Steele and if he refuses to testify, subpoenas should be issued to force him to finally tell the truth.”

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