Manning: ‘President Donald Trump is the most limited government president since Ronald Reagan’

Sept. 12, 2017, Fairfax, Va.–Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement disputing long-time Republican consultant Alex Conant’s assertion that President Donald Trump “is not a limited government conservative”:

“Long-time presidential campaign consultant Alex Conant is wrong in his assertion that Donald Trump is not a limited government president. In fact, President Donald Trump is the most limited government president since Ronald Reagan sat in the Oval Office.

“During his first 8 months in office, Trump has appointed a bevy of conservative jurists including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. He’s rescinded the Paris Accord, the Waters of the USA rule and allowed the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines to be built, among many other deregulatory accomplishments — with more to come to take apart the liberty-restricting administrative state that has seized Congress’ Article I lawmaking authority.

“On the constitutional front, President Trump is ending the unconstitutional DACA executive order and demanding that Congress restore its rightful authority over immigration policy by addressing the immigration issue as a whole, setting forth parameters for success with the RAISE Act and border security including the wall.

“Protecting our nation’s economic sovereignty, Trump ended the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership and is renegotiating the NAFTA trade deal to better reflect U.S. interests in the 21st Century, exercising his Article II authority to conduct foreign relations.

“On fiscal policy, Trump proposed $4.5 trillion of real spending cuts over the next decade, and on taxes, is proposing the most substantial tax reform since Reagan.

“Trump’s hands-off legislative approach where he sets broad goals while expecting Congress to do its job without micromanagement is a recognition of Congress’ Article I responsibilities under the Constitution. For those who are still stuck in year-old campaign rhetoric, it’s time for them to update their hard drives, because Donald Trump is proving to be the most surprising limited government president in America’s history.”

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