Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke should fire the ‘politically correct’ Trust for the National Mall

Aug. 22, 2017, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Ric Manning today issued the following statement in defense of the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument just the way they are after the Trust for the National Mall called for changes to the Jefferson Memorial:

“Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke needs to set the record straight that a private non-profit group known as the Trust for the National Mall does not control memorial or museum content on the National Mall. While the money this non-profit, tax-exempt group raises to restore the Mall is appreciated, it does not give them the authority to change the Jefferson Memorial or any other statues in the name of political correctness. If the ‘Trust’ insists on changes, the Department of Interior should discontinue all ties with the group. The Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument are testimonies to honor the ideals exemplified in the founding by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, not to tear them down. They should be left just the way they are.

“For those who wish to explore more about their personal lives, it is highly recommended they go to Monticello and Mt. Vernon where there is ample information about Jefferson and Washington respectively, and slavery.”

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