Jeff Sessions is a great Attorney General

July 20, 2017, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in defense of Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

“Jeff Sessions is the best Attorney General President Trump could have. He is doing the difficult job of unwinding the politicized mess left behind by his Obama appointed predecessors.  Rather than turning a blind eye, Attorney General Sessions is cracking down on illegal immigration, deporting MS-13 gang members and other illegal alien criminals, and ending the war on police. Sessions’ recusal on matters related to the 2016 campaign and the Russia investigation, while perhaps unnecessary, underscores his commitment to the restoring the rule of law, which after the Obama administration’s abuse of power was sorely needed and was one of Trump’s key campaign promises. Any attempt to remove him from office at this stage would be a catastrophic mistake.

“If the President expects the American people to stand by him in the months ahead on the tough road to draining the swamp, he must stand by those who have stood with him. Not only is Jeff Sessions an outstanding Attorney General, as the first Senator to endorse Trump, he is one of the major reasons Trump did solidly in the south during the GOP primary. He should prefer that Sessions continue running 99 percent of the Justice Department while the Russia investigation wraps up than to turn over 100 percent of DOJ to the deep state for the months or year that it would take to confirm a new Attorney General through a Senate, that is in many respects, is still Democratic Party controlled.”

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