Stop Ryancare so we can get real health care reform

March 20, 2017, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government Rick Manning today issued the following statement blasting unnamed sources in a Politico story for suggesting that the health care legislation under consideration cannot be changed in any meaningful way despite ongoing negotiations between Congressional conservatives and the White House:

“Unnamed sources in a Politico story state that ongoing White House negotiations with conservative legislators on the health care bill are coming to a close with only a few minor concessions. The reporter concludes that the White House realizes that the bill cannot pass the Senate if conservative concerns are met.  Ironically, at this juncture, the Ryan bill does not have the support of at least four GOP Senators and possibly more, due to concerns that it fails to meet the basic promise of repealing Obamacare.  This means that in the unlikely event that the House were to gather the votes to pass Speaker Ryan’s slightly modified bill, it would still fail in the Senate without Democrat votes.

“Given the current impasse, Americans for Limited Government urges the House to scrap the current proposal and to keep their word and pass a repeal bill that respects the states and voters who elected a GOP majority, ensuring that the people aren’t still forced into costly federal government mandated health plans. Then, the Senate will be free to pass that, or modify it.

“The current iteration of Ryancare fails to meet this basic criteria and should be voted down if brought up for a vote. For those who confuse insurance coverage with health care, it needs to be made clear that health care is a relationship between a patient and doctor, not one between a patient and an insurer.”

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