Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn was the victim of Obama surveillance leak

March 31, 2017, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement reminding Congress that former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was the victim of a crime when his conversation with the Russian ambassador was transcribed and leaked to the press:

“Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn was the victim of a serious felony when his innocent conversation with the Russian ambassador was transcribed by our nation’s intelligence agencies, disseminated and then leaked to the press. It should at least be the subject of inquiry by Congress’ intelligence committees to ascertain who broke the law by putting that information into the public domain. It is understandable that the conversation would have been incidentally intercepted in the normal course of intelligence gathering, but deeply disturbing that it was leaked and used politically.

“By now, the committees should have had the opportunity to view the transcripts of Flynn’s conversation. If they do not believe there’s anything there out of the ordinary based on the substance of the conversation, then granting Flynn limited immunity from any silly process questions that might be conjured makes sense in order to clear the air on the larger, more important questions surrounding this surveillance of the Trump transition.

“Flynn has a right to clear his name, and Congress should want to hear his side of the story. It may help to get to the bottom of why somebody or somebodies in the Obama administration were trying to create an appearance of collusion with Trump, Russia on the DNC, Podesta emails on Wikileaks where there was none. The underlying constitutional crisis here is that a private citizen was exposed to U.S. government espionage which was leaked to ruin his career and life simply in order to score political points.”

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