ALG praise Justice Dept. for dropping opposition to Texas voter ID law

Feb. 27, 2017, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising the U.S. Justice Department for dropping opposition to the Texas voter ID law, currently under litigation:

“Americans for Limited Government is thrilled that the Justice Department will no longer be actively engaged in legal actions designed to make it more difficult for states to ensure that only lawful voters are participating in our national elections.  Voter fraud is the greatest threat to representative democracy, as those who vote illegally dilute the impact of legitimate voters. The state of Texas’ voter identification law merely puts commonsense requirements for voters to present identification in order to vote.

“In this day and age of motor voter and balloting by mail, it becomes more and more difficult to ensure that the one person, one vote principle is enforced. Attorney General Sessions’ decision to drop the ill-conceived Obama Administration intervention in the Texas case, demonstrates that the rule of law is being restored in D.C., and most importantly the basic premise that every citizen should have an equal say in who represents them.  Those who vote multiple times or who are ineligible to vote but do so anyway, undermine the legitimacy of our nation’s elections. Attorney General Sessions’ actions today will provide all Americans more certitude that the U.S. government stands squarely on the side of free and fair elections.”

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