Human tracking device bill modified to be ‘non-invasive,’ but still not good enough

Dec. 7, 2016, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government senior editor Robert Romano today issued the following statement noting the proposed changes that have been made to H.R. 4919, legislation governing the Attorney General’s role in administering a human tracking device program:

“Americans for Limited Government was advised by the Judiciary Committee last week that language in the human tracking device bill was being altered to exclude the possibility of inserted tracking chips, markings or anything else deemed ‘invasive’ from being pursued as an option by the Attorney General under the $2 million grant program.

“Now, viewing the new language available on the House’s calendar page, the legislation has been altered from the Senate bill, meaning further action would still be required to get the bill to the President’s desk. The new language calls for ‘non-invasive and non-permanent types of tracking devices.’ But that is still not good enough. There shouldn’t be any bill, because there shouldn’t be a program no matter how well-intentioned overseen by the Attorney General electronically tracking people in this manner.

“The legislation still represents vast overreach by the federal government as none of this is necessary, when individuals, families and doctors can decide to use such non-invasive products on their own, like Angel Sense, under individual, limited circumstances when it is medically necessary to track patients who may become lost due to lack of mental capacity. You don’t need a bill from Congress or any approvals from the Attorney General to get that done. These types of non-invasive devices are already available in the health care sector, meaning the only action the government should take is to do nothing.”


“Human tracking device bill vote in House today?” By Robert Romano, Dec. 7, 2016 at

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