ALG urges Florida Gov. Rick Scott to ensure voter and ballot integrity

Nov. 7, 2016, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement urging Florida Governor Rick Scott to do everything necessary to ensure voter and ballot integrity in Florida for Election Day:

President Barack Obama’s call for illegal aliens to vote with assurances that there would be no legal ramifications if they break the law amounts to nothing less than electoral nullification. Every illegal vote cancels out a citizen voters voice effectively challenging the core binding American social contract that elections should at least retain the appearance of fairness.

“In Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s attempt to fix the election in the Commonwealth by pardoning up to 60,000 selected individuals making them eligible to vote and then sending those McAuliffe enfranchised people voting information with postage paid return envelopes reeks to high heaven. This attempt to change the eligible electorate to benefit Clinton through executive fiat is repulsive.

“And Broward County, Florida, local elections officials were caught red-handed marking stacks of blank absentee ballots.  The whistleblower was fired and in the very close and likely decisive state of Florida, the integrity of the results have been thrown into doubt.  Given the stakes, Florida Governor Rick Scott should immediately act to put state officials in charge of ballot security in Broward with all absentee votes treated as provisional ballots to be hand counted after the machine votes have been recorded.  While no one wants hanging chad moments, the allegation of massive voter fraud by Broward election officials must not be ignored, and the only fair way to ensure that actual voters are not having their will nullified by corrupt partisan local officials is to closely examine those absentees for irregularities throwing out votes that were clearly cast by the same person.

“Voter fraud is cancelling out someone else’s legal vote and it needs to be prevented.  In Florida, Governor Rick Scott must act to protect the integrity of the vote as the already scandal plagued Broward County Supervisor of Elections actions threaten the very legitimacy of the elections and every absentee ballot must be given thorough scrutiny.”

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