Political violence in Costa Mesa against Trump supporters, cop cars preview of Cleveland

April 29, 2016, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement condemning acts of violence by protestors at a Costa Mesa, Calif. against a Donald Trump rally:

“Last night’s brutal attacks on supporters of Donald Trump and against law enforcement by professional anarchists, misguided hipsters, and Mexican nationalists expose the true nature of the new left, where political violence to stifle free speech is not only accepted but extolled as a virtue. After Donald Trump chose to cancel a rally in Chicago, Illinois because of the threat of violence, the left celebrated the suppression of their political opponents and the public’s right to hear from a presidential candidate.

“The irony is that the Costa Mesa mob has created the Donald Trump for President general election campaign commercial as their Mexican flag waving, violent antics will be abhorrent to the vast majority of Americans.  They are the visual picture of the open borders movement, which flaunts the rule of law and effectively ends U.S. sovereignty.

“In normally docile Costa Mesa, just miles from my hometown, this angry mob has revealed its ugly face of violence to America.  Hundreds of protesters attacking Trump supporters who were exiting a peaceful rally described by the local Orange County Register as, ‘having the feel of a summer rock concert,’ leaving some law-abiding attendees bloodied for their trouble.

“In the end, Chris Luna, 24, of Tustin, California sets the stage for the next six months as the Orange County Register reports him proclaiming, ‘This is the beginning of a movement.’ And following with, ‘Trump can’t take away our country.’ Those who pander to this mob cannot ignore Luna’s words, he and others like him are deadly serious and they are hoping to spread their cancer all the way to Cleveland — and beyond.”

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