ALG praises 76 members of Congress who voted against education reauthorization

Dec. 10, 2015, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising 12 senators that voted no on the all-important cloture vote and 64 U.S. representatives that voted against reauthorization of the Elementary Secondary Education Act:

“We thank the 76 members of Congress who voted against the continued nationalization of our state and local education system, a one size fits all, standardized approach that has failed our children for more than 50 years. Rather than putting funds directly in the hands of local school boards, the federal approach to education directs how the monies will be spent, and on what, an approach that limits outcomes and restricts choices for parents. The fact that Congress continues to accept failure because of the inertia that develops around a periodic reauthorization of an otherwise permanent program is unacceptable, and calls into question the entire process that produces it and other federal programs that run of their own accord.

“We rightly expect more of our children when they are in school, to think creatively, and parents have a right to expect that Congress should put their kids ahead of the failed federal bureaucracy. Thank you to the 64 Members who stood up for our nation’s kids futures and against the failed federal education philosophy that has been reauthorized by Congress.”

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