Cruz opposes trade authority, Inhofe and Vitter urged to follow

June 23, 2015, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government Rick Manning today issued the following statement responding to Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) announced opposition to granting trade authority to President Barack Obama to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

“Ted Cruz’s announcement that he is changing his vote and will be opposing cloture on trade authority as it devolves into a ‘corrupt Washington backroom deal’ puts the focus on Louisiana Senator David Vitter and Oklahoma’s James Inhofe as being the two deciders on whether President Obama gets more power.

“Four things have changed since they supported fast track authority that should compel them to join Senator Cruz in rejecting what’s been called a bad, bad deal: 1) Their fellow former colleague Jim Demint blasted the deal as ‘free trade in name only’ exposing the myth that Obama has been perpetuating; 2) immigration language within the trade and services agreement was leaked through Wikileaks and there can no longer be any illusion that Obama’s trade deals will lead to foreign driven changes of U.S. immigration law; 3) Australia’s trade minister admitted the TPP was one week of negotiations away from completion, dispelling the notion that the Congress’ negotiating objectives are meaningful; and 4) Senator Cruz after providing the conservative cover for Republicans voting for the bill has taken stock of that position and found that no matter benefits of fast track, President Obama cannot be trusted.

“After months of debate, there is no excuse for anyone to give this President any more power, who has shown nothing but contempt for Congress’ constitutional prerogatives. Senators who vote yes on clotures bear responsibility for all of its negatives and will come to regret this vote for the rest of their careers. We urge a no vote on cloture.”

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