Donald J. Trump joins Americans for Limited Government in fight against Trade Promotion Authority & Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

Americans for Limited Government to air national ad campaign featuring Trump.

May 6, 2015, Fairfax, Va.—Today Americans for Limited Government announced a series of brand new radio advertisements featuring Donald J. Trump that will air nationally with an initial emphasis on New Hampshire and South Carolina. The ad, in which Mr. Trump calls on Republican leaders to stop passage of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), will be broadcast statewide in New Hampshire and South Carolina followed next week by a national rollout. The ad will educate Americans on the detrimental ramifications of these proposed agreements and the combined determination of Americans for Limited Government and Mr. Trump to defeat any deal that harms the protection and creation of American jobs.

Donald J. Trump said, “Yet again, the politicians are allowing our president to reinforce the lack of respect countries like China and Japan now have for the United States. They will devalue their currency, exploit our trade agreements, continue to destroy our economy and put Americans out of work. Politicians are all talk and no action. Instead of fast tracking TPP, Congress should pass legislation that holds China and Japan accountable for currency manipulation. This would send a message to the world that there are consequences for cheating the United States. It’s time for action. It’s time to Make America Great Again!”

ALG’s Rick Manning commented on the ad campaign saying, “This is a game changer in the debate over fast track trade authority. Mr. Trump’s business acumen and expertise makes him a unique and powerful voice whom America trusts to tell them the truth.”

Mr. Trump’s opposition to TPP is consistent with his long criticism of trade practices that negatively impact the American worker and manufacturing sector. He has been a consistent vocal critic of TPP and TPA tweeting his opposition for the last year. Mr. Trump’s opposition to TPP is based on his extensive knowledge of currency manipulation and trade agreements that he has accumulated through The Trump Organization’s international dealings. He also criticized leaders for continuing to allow such antics, stating his disapproval of the TPA fast track legislation, which Mr. Trump says is designed to allow the president to enter such an agreement without the support of a supermajority in the Senate.

Americans for Limited Government has led the charge against fast track over the past four months being featured and quoted on, The Hill, the Washington Post, New York Times and USA Today among many outlets.


Donald Trump joins ALG in fight against Pacific trade deal, radio ad, May 6, 2015, at

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