Obama planned executive amnesty sets up constitutional crisis

Nov. 13, 2014, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement reacting to a leaked 10-part plan to grant amnesty to 4.5 million illegal immigrant adults with U.S.-born children:

“President Obama’s leaked plan to usurp congressional authority over immigration should put to an end all talk about a long term omnibus funding bill. Obama’s intent to wave a wand and create amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in the wake of the November repudiation of this policy is an affront to the consent of the governed. Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell must swiftly and forcefully tie the President’s hands using the power of the purse in the December continuing resolution. If the President chooses to shut down the government in order to benefit illegal aliens then so be it.

“Even though there are those in Congress who might agree with the concept of providing legalization alternatives for those who have jumped the line, it is simply unacceptable to allow this President to dismantle the constitutional separation of powers in an effort to transform America. Obama is setting up a constitutional crisis.”

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