ALG President Nathan Mehrens praises GOP Chairman’s remarks

October 2, 2014, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement praising the Republican unity document, “Principles for American Renewal”:

“Americans for Limited Government welcomes RNC Chairman Reince Preibus’ significant move away from the Party’s disastrous 2013 attempt to re-brand itself.  His embracing core conservative principles confirms that voters want a government that protects our national security and promotes peace through strength, a Constitutional government that ends the culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption that permeates Barack Obama’s Washington, D.C., and treats everyone fairly and equally by rejecting amnesty rather than allowing illegal aliens to take cuts to the head of the immigration line in order to assuage a loud constituency that values power over the rule of law.

“Americans for Limited Government will continue our work to promote reducing the size and scope of government, and this GOP policy document clearly demonstrates that this upcoming election is about more than who delivered taxpayer funds back home, and instead is about reining in a federal government that has grown too large, too powerful, and as a result, too corrupt.  This upcoming election is too important for anyone who cares about the course of the nation to sit on the sidelines, and it is incumbent on every citizen to exercise their duty to vote for the candidate that best reflects their values and beliefs if we are to have any hope in creating real, positive change for our children and their children.”

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