ALG supports Duffy rider defunding internet giveaway

May 27, 2014, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement in response to Rep. Sean Duffy’s (WI-7) Amendment to CJS Appropriations to Prohibit the Relinquishment of Internet Responsibilities:

“Americans for Limited Government strongly supports Rep. Sean Duffy’s rider to the Commerce, Science, Justice Appropriations bill prohibiting the National Telecommunications and Information Administration from using funds to relinquish U.S. government responsibility over the Internet domain name functions.

“Duffy’s defunding rider is Congress’ only practical tool to prevent the Obama Administration from permanently giving away control over basic Internet functions to unnamed, unaccountable, international governments and businesses.  Currently, information flow on the Internet is protected from government censorship by our nation’s fundamental First Amendment rights, failure to defund Obama’s Internet giveaway program puts the free flow of information in jeopardy.

“While the House has passed a rider to the National Defense Authorization Act that delays Obama’s turnover of the Internet until a GAO report can be issued, the Duffy rider actually stops the NTIA from laying the groundwork for the transfer.

“This has the effect of forcing the Obama Administration to make the case to Congress on why they should support the international give away, a position opposed by former President Bill Clinton.

“The Duffy rider protects American interests and Internet freedom from government censorship, and should be supported.”

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