Did Geithner threaten S&P on debt downgrade in political retaliation?

Jan. 22, 2014, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement blasting the Obama administration via then-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for allegedly threatening Standard and Poor’s in 2011 when it downgraded U.S. debt:

“Standard and Poor’s sworn declaration that they were threatened by Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in the wake of their downgrading U.S. debt makes the New Jersey bridge closure claims look like child’s play.  The worldwide economy depends upon S&P rating bond risks appropriately and the clear attempts to intimidate those who measure those risks by Obama’s henchman shows just how out of control this Administration has been since almost its inception.

“The President must be held accountable for these actions. This was an egregious abuse of power that calls into question not only our creditworthiness, but the lengths the Obama administration will go to in order to hide the truth about our coming fiscal ruin. Our $17.3 trillion debt is not going away, and threatening those who say it is a problem will not save us when the bill finally comes due.”

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