ALG to House: Stop negotiating with yourselves

Sept. 30, 2013, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement urging the House of Representatives to hold firm behind their current one-year delay of implementation of Obamacare tied to the continuing resolution:

“The Senate’s arrogance to table the House-passed continuing resolution to keep the government open and delay implementation of Obamacare makes it clear that Harry Reid wants a government shutdown.

“Any additional offers from House Republicans are merely negotiating against themselves and are foolish. Tomorrow, Obamacare’s health exchanges go into effect with all of the confusion, failed computer systems, and other problems that can be expected to occur. It is the responsibility of House Republicans and Senate Democrats to stop this train wreck from occurring.

“The American people have little time to contact their House members and urge them to stand firm against allowing funding for Obamcare to go into effect this year. A vote is expected early this evening on another compromise, except this one funds Obamacare.

“If the House votes to merely delay implementation of the individual mandate or a so-called ‘clean’ continuing resolution, it will mean the House is voting to allow funding for Obamacare to go forward. That is funding for implementation, funding for the Medicaid expansion, and funding for insurance subsidies via the exchanges. The House does not need to compromise with itself, it needs to stand firm. Any member that votes to allow funding for Obamacare, will own it. Allowing Obamacare to be implemented is worse than any temporary government slowdown.”

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