ALG praises House for voting to defund Obamacare, urges Senate passage

Sept. 20, 2013, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement thanking the House of Representatives for passing the continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare:

“Americans for Limited Government praises the House of Representatives for passing legislation that will defund the health care law and prevent its most damaging, costly provisions from going into effect. We urge members to stand firm even in the face of Senate resistance, and to remain opposed to any continuing resolution that will allow funding for Obamacare to go into effect.

“Harry Reid has already declared the continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare to be dead on arrival in the Senate. House leadership should declare any continuing resolution that funds Obamacare to be dead on arrival in the House. If they capitulate, and pass a continuing resolution that funds the health care law, they will own it. The fight may be in the Senate for the moment, but that does not absolve the House of responsibility for whatever it ultimately enacts.

“For senators, this may be the last chance to get rid of the health care law before it goes into effect. To stop the destruction of the 40-hour work week. To help the American people to keep their health coverage of choice. To stop them from being funneled into a government-run, taxpayer funded insurance plan. With even labor groups on the left calling for the health care law to be fixed or repealed, it is as plain as day that the American people do not want this. Now is the time to stand with them.”

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