Threat of Obamacare continues to hurt job creation

May 3, 2013, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement on the latest job numbers:

“There is little that can be learned about the direction of the economy from the tepid April unemployment report.  The modest job growth combined with the lowest labor participation rate since 1981 may be the new normal under Obama policies that punish job creation.  The good news is that in spite of these government headwinds exemplified by Obamacare’s costly penalties on hiring, the number of private sector jobs increased by 176,000 while economic growth sucking government jobs decreased by11,000.  The significant increase in temporary services hiring in the private sector shows that demand for labor is increasing, but employer uncertainty about the long term prospects of the economy are impinging a commitment to growth.

“With bi-partisan agreement in Congress that the upcoming Obamacare law is likely to be a ‘train wreck’ at a minimum, they should delay it’s  implementation for a two year period to provide more certainty for job creators that will allow them to move forward with plans for additional full time hiring.”

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