ALG urges House to stand strong on $85 billion sequester

Feb. 6, 2013, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement urging the House of Representatives not to reduce what remains of the $85 billion of sequestration cuts to budgeting authority for Fiscal Year 2013 due to take effect March 1 in light of the White House’s calls to repeal it:

“To secure the votes needed to suspend the $16.394 trillion debt ceiling until May 19, House leaders had to promise members they would stick to the $85 billion sequestration due to take effect on March 1. In fact, the $1 trillion sequester over ten years was the price for increasing the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion in August 2011. These are cuts that have been promised the American people.

“Sequester was originally supposed to be for $109 billion, but since then these cuts to budget authority have already been reduced to $85 billion during the fiscal cliff negotiations.

“Now some members of the House appear to be accepting Obama’s false premise that these cuts will be ‘economically damaging,’ and others still who would rather raise taxes on millions of Americans instead of nipping defense spending for a single year. House Republicans need to stand strong on the sequester. This is no to time go all wobbly.

“If the House caves on sequester, members’ promises of cuts down the road will forever ring hollow and empty to the American people. If the Republican Party does not stand for getting our fiscal house in order and keeping the tax burden low, what does it stand for?”

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