ALG condemns House for refusing to pay for hurricane relief bill

Jan. 15, 2013, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement condemning the House of Representatives for defeating an amendment by Representatives Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) that would have saved taxpayers $17 billion on the hurricane disaster relief bill:

“The House had an opportunity to pay for the $17 billion hurricane disaster relief bill with offsetting spending cuts but took a pass. This is truly a shame. After all the wrangling on sequestration about reducing the deficit, the moment Congress has a pork-laden bill they refuse to pay for it.

“The majority of House Republicans who voted in favor of the Mulvaney amendment are to be praised. But there is simply no excuse for Democrats and Republicans who refused to pay for disaster assistance, who are hiding behind those most hurt by Hurricane Sandy to facilitate a special interest agenda. What does this foretell for sequestration or other promised cuts to spending?

“The House majority is running the risk of losing its mandate to govern, when it appears so incapable of reining in spending in Washington, or even paying for a worthy goal as disaster assistance.”

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