Michigan on verge of passing historic right-to-work legislation

Dec. 11, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement praising the Michigan House of Representatives for passing right-to-work legislation that leaves it up to workers whether or not they wish to join a union when hired:

“The Michigan House of Representatives passage of right-to-work legislation is a momentous step forward for worker rights.  The tyranny of having to pay dues to a labor union just to be able to have a job is being ended in the state that is most synonymous with the labor movement.  In this case, the symbolism is reality.

“With fewer than 7 percent of all privately employed workers belonging to labor unions, the far left movement is taking its last gasping breaths.  Out of their death rattle, it is not shocking to hear those who cling to the past, making threats like the one heard in the Michigan House chamber that, ‘there will be blood’ when the bill becomes law.  These kinds of threats are the norm for Big Labor, but today in Michigan, they ring hollow, as the people and their elected officials have decided to give workers a choice of whether to pay union dues.

“History shows that when workers have this choice, they reject union membership as being irrelevant, and that is why Big Labor is in a state of shock.  If they can lose Michigan, they have lost not only the battle, but the entire war.”

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