ALG urges House to use debt ceiling as leverage to steer away from fiscal cliff

Nov. 28, 2012—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today urged the House to tie all pieces of the fiscal cliff into a single piece of legislation increasing the debt ceiling, making tax relief permanent, enacting entitlement reform, and balancing the budget within 10 years:

“The only leverage the House has on the fiscal cliff is the debt ceiling. If they are unwilling to use it, Obama will win, taxes will go up, and Republicans will get blamed. Leadership should tie all aspects of averting the fiscal cliff — including making tax relief permanent for all Americans and replacing any sequester cuts with entitlement and welfare reform — to a vote on the debt ceiling and balancing the budget within 10 years.

“And then Republicans should dare Obama to take it or leave it. He needs financing to fund his second term in office. If he wants it, he needs to sign whatever debt ceiling the House is willing to pass.

“But it will only work if the GOP is willing to stand on principle. Otherwise, it is going to lose this battle.”

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